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Improvising a tango at Milonga Los Amigos in Tooting, London, November 2022. Sound from original 78rpm shellac record released in 1945 by RCA Victor, played on the day by Clive Davison, tango dj specialised in 78 records.

Class demo at Tango Café in London, February 2023 - dancing 'sincopas' and dynamic changes in movement.

Sharing and promoting Tango in our home city, Salisbury! It was a wonderful afternoon spent with wonderful people 😀 it was fantastic to see people who had never heard of Tango just having a go at it 🤩 and enjoying themselves! As well as more experienced dancers just joining in 💃 🔥🕺

Improvising a Milonga at Tango Cotswold Milonga, Winchcombe (UK)

Improvising a Tango at Tango Cotswold Milonga, Winchcombe (UK) - 'Nocturno de Tango' - Orquesta Jose Garcia

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